It's National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Feast your eyes on these 10 awesome cat costumes

You might be feeling that post-holiday slump right now, but if you have a cat, here’s another holiday to celebrate: it’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day today! Although your cat might not be quite as enthusiastic about the holiday as you are, it’s a fun way to make the dead of winter a little more lively. In honour of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we’ve scoured the web for some of our favourite pet costumes of all time!

#1: Bob Ross costume by @cat_cosplay

One creative owner in Seattle, WA started dressing up his cat for Renaissance fairs, and soon started making costumes on the regular for his three cats. Getting them to wear the costumes has taken some careful training, but we think it’s worth it for this Bob Ross costume. The only thing it’s missing is a pet squirrel!

#2: Doctor costume by @houseofkittyliciousness

Another cat costume, STAT! This doctor costume was created by a cat owner in Australia for her British shorthair cat. The best part of this costume is his expression - he’s either ready to perform a serious medical procedure or (more likely) just barely tolerating his costume.

#3: Meownt Catmore by @willowthesquishycat

What it lacks in polish, Meownt Catmore makes up for in creativity! The best part of this costume is that it’s one that’s easy to recreate at home. Willow was rescued from a cat hoarder/breeder and is now living her best life as an Instagram star. In addition to wearing costumes, she has also learned some tricks, too!

#4: Cat couture by @zappa_the_cat

Zappa is a particularly posh cat from Rotterdam, who might just have more clothes than you! Zappa’s wardrobe includes brand-name labels like Stussy, Off-White, and Supreme - all custom made. If you think your cat might have what it takes to be a fashion mogul like Zappa, you can start with our cat sunglasses!

#5: Teacher costume by @cobythecat


Coby the cat is another British shorthair whose tie and glasses go hand-in-hand with his slightly disapproving look. He’s an American cat living in California, and his Instagram page is full of funny sweaters and outfits. This is another costume that’s relatively easy to pull off if you want to try to dress up a cat that’s a bit fussy.

#6 Waffle flavoured tart by @waffles_the_cat

Although Waffles the cat is no stranger to costumes, this one is a great example of how to get a reluctant cat to “dress up” without actually putting on a little outfit. Making a “costume”out of a cozy bed or hiding place is a great way to get your cat to have as much enthusiasm about their costume as you do.

#7: Chia pet by @walterbishopthecat


Walternate the cat pulled off a funny impression of a Chia pet for Halloween in 2019. This Instagram feed features four Persian cats and plenty of pop culture references, achieved via cat costumes. If you’ve ever wanted to see a cat dressed up as Marge Simpson, a KFC bucket, or Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World, now is your chance!

#9: Sherlock Holmes by @a_street_cat_named_benson


A mystery is afoot! Benson is a photogenic cat that wears a lot of costumes, but this one is one of his best. He’s also been Batman, a sushi chef, a fortune teller, a Starbucks barista, and a leprechaun. What’s even more impressive is that he looks perfectly at home in all his costumes, even posing for the camera at times.

#10: Costume catwalk by @rover_thecat


Rover has something to wear for every season! This cat has a different outfit for (almost) every month of 2020, and looks like he loves to strut around in them! Our favourite is probably the sash of toy mice from July. As the Instagram caption puts it on his account: “WEARING THE SKINS OF HIS ENEMIES.”

Think you want to try dressing up your pet? One way to do it right is to start early, and start simple. Remember that most of the cats who love to dress up have been trained to get used to it, so give your cat some time to come around. Also make sure it fits well, so your cat doesn’t have a hard time moving around in it. Take a look at some of our simple accessories for some fun ways to get started!

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